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Thanks for your interest in Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine. We invite submissions, but can’t guarantee publication. Here are some guidelines for submissions that will increase the chances it will be accepted for publication.

We primarily feature personality profiles of interesting, attractive and successful riders in the Blue Ridge region, rides to interesting or historic places in the Blue Ridge, and business profiles/reviews of restaurants, breweries or wineries. Some helpful tips to follow:

  • Articles should be 1,200 to 2,500 words in length.
  • Use narrative journalism/creative non-fiction to tell a story, not merely document a route. Stories should contain the passion and sensory details that make motorcycling in the Blue Ridge so wonderful. Avoid point-by-point directions. Focus on the adventure.
  • Use full names, ages, occupations for the people mentioned/quoted in the article. Rider profiles should capture the subject’s personality and passions, not just be a summary of accomplishments. Stress actions, emotions and interesting details.
  • Include points of interest like restaurants or historic attractions and try to get a quote from the owners/managers and other motorcyclists you may encounter on the journey.
  • Avoid passive verbs and weak linking verbs like is/are. Use action verbs to make the story more compelling. Articles should be in present tense even if the trip occurred months or years ago. Avoid cliched expressions or useless filler words and phrases.
  • Include high-resolution photos, 10 MB or larger, 300 dpi. You may have to send a link via Google Drive or Dropbox since email servers usually won’t handle files that big. If you don’t have photos, see if there are any tourism agencies or businesses you visited willing to provide photos for media use.

If you if have magazine writing experience, please email links to some of your published work. You can send the article directly to


Michael E. Gouge
Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine